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leeherman replied to Database Integration - AEP9 to Oracle 11g

"I'm running the latest PP server, and I don't see issues connecting to databases in Oracle 11g. I am using the PP ODBC drivers. Sounds like"

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4 hours ago
leeherman asked Mode statistic strange behavior

"I've attached an example protocol that calculates the median and mode for a set of data. The MODE statistics appears to be way off. For exam"

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23 hours ago
leeherman replied to Problem about arrays in Excel

"I'm having trouble following what you're after. Can you show the input that would result in the output you provided?"

in Pipeline Pilot 2 replies
4 days ago
leeherman replied to How to download pictures from HTML to Excel?

"Have you tried writing the output directly to Excel using one of the Excel writers?"

in Pipeline Pilot 1 replies
1 week ago


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