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kenb kenb Two comments about saving and reading files containing multiple molecules in DS 11 0 3 hours ago by kenb
jotun86 jotun86 DS4 won't open. Crashes at Renderer testplugin 44 1 23 hours ago by yeh
elizabeth.eldredge elizabeth.eldredge Accelerate with Discovery Studio! 23 0 1 day ago by elizabeth.eldredge
glaco1 glaco1 Labeling atoms in DS 2.1 HELP! 86 3 1 day ago by carolb
kateryna kateryna Failed to build a homology model error in  line 82 53 1 3 days ago by kateryna
awollacott awollacott Side-Chain Refinement Error 82 1 4 days ago by jodi
pelumalai pelumalai Cost difference problem in 3D-QSAR pharmacophore modeling 109 0 1 week ago by pelumalai
mngamin mngamin Electrostatic Potential Calculation 117 0 2 weeks ago by mngamin
anan arisha anan arisha ds4 118 0 2 weeks ago by anan arisha
milda.paramita milda.paramita need help for recoordinate receptor and ligand 120 0 3 weeks ago by milda.paramita
bgrasso bgrasso Deleting bonds in Discovery Studio 283 1 3 weeks ago by dzhang
dff33 dff33 Simulating Multi-Component Systems in Discovery Studios 231 2 3 weeks ago by dzhang
dff33 dff33 Extracting Solvent Accessibility Data From a Trajectory 278 2 3 weeks ago by dff33
dff33 dff33 RMSD analysis comparing two trajectories 222 2 3 weeks ago by dff33
ohmura ohmura Calculate Mutation Energy for the Binding and Stability 148 0 1 month ago by ohmura
jodi jodi Perform Simulated Annealing Cycles 136,857 8 1 month ago by jodi
jodi jodi Ligand Minimization with Implicit Solvent 47,105 4 1 month ago by jodi
alexandreismail alexandreismail I need DiscoveryStudio Visualizer 3.5 download 209 0 1 month ago by alexandreismail
sutefanni sutefanni 2D Ligand Interaction Diagram unknown interaction 189 0 1 month ago by sutefanni
alexandreismail alexandreismail change secondary structure color scheme in DS 3.1? 171 0 1 month ago by alexandreismail
alexandreismail alexandreismail DS 3.1 MODELER homology models per residue DOPE score 1,017 2 1 month ago by alexandreismail
alexandreismail alexandreismail Memory access violation on dynamics: ~400aa + ~ 15k mol H2O 1,072 4 1 month ago by alexandreismail
giovanni_pagano giovanni_pagano DS 3.1--Error with Loop Refinement protocol on Homology Model 232 0 2 months ago by giovanni_pagano
modeler22 modeler22 Script to parse charmm log file into CSV 209 0 2 months ago by modeler22
DAVID DAVID Merging pose from CDOCKER with protein. 271 0 2 months ago by DAVID
modeler22 modeler22 Charmm 27 and patching residues like tyrosine into phosphotyrosine 361 1 2 months ago by lly
astevens astevens Discovery Studio 4.0 Visualizer and DS ActiveX Control - Coming Soon! 1,010 3 2 months ago by astevens
kwon001 kwon001 Rearranging molecular structure 419 1 2 months ago by kwon001 Batch run in DS 2.5 445 2 3 months ago by
gibbs_free_energy gibbs_free_energy Neighbor monitor in 4.0? 390 1 3 months ago by yeh