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Accelrys and VelQuest One Year Later

Posted by acaracoti on Jan 9, 2013 4:38:49 AM

Having worked with Pipeline Pilot for over 10 years, during which time I’ve built numerous demos showcasing its powerful data processing capabilities, I am one of those people who think that anything can be made better with a dose of Pipeline Pilot. So when Accelrys acquired VelQuest early last year, I suspected that there would be some opportunities for Pipeline Pilot to shine. As expected, I didn’t have to wait long for such an opportunity to present itself.


Currently, users of Accelrys Lab Execution System (formerly VelQuest SmartLab) rely on Crystal Reports for their reporting needs. The output created by Crystal Reports, while very useful and flexible, is static. Users select the reporting criteria and a PDF report is generated that can be shared and filed. In order to look at a different slice of data, or get more information about a specific item in the report, a new report has to be generated.


Alternatively, the Accelrys Enterprise Platform (AEP) provides very powerful tools including components to build HTML query forms, execute queries against databases, create interactive charts and ways to link all these together to build highly interactive reports and dashboards.


So, on one hand, we had data in the Accelrys Lab Execution System, on the other, AEP’s querying and reporting capabilities. Surely, this was a match made in software heaven.


To test this assumption, we set off to build some interactive example reports based on data in the Accelrys Lab Execution System. Choosing from the many candidates was difficult, but in the end, we settled on four reports/dashboards that would provide the greatest value to users and thoroughly test the ability of the Accelrys Enterprise Platform to handle these reporting needs, as well as demonstrate the advantage over static reports generated by Crystal Reports. The examples we settled on were the following:

•          Compliance report

•          Instrument usage report

•          Trending report

•          Consumable usage report


To see one of these interactive reports in action, watch this short video.



All these dashboards use the Accelrys Query Service to retrieve data from the Accelrys Lab Execution System database. They also use the AEP interactive reporting components to create HTML reports that allow users to query their data and then drill down for more information on selected items. Information in the report is retrieved on-demand from the database, so the latest data points are available as soon as they are collected.


These reports can offer useful insights into data in the Accelrys Lab Execution System, providing answers to questions like:

•          Which instruments are used most in a specific lab?

•          Which procedures have the highest rate of “convert to manual” incidents?

•          Which labs/procedures use the largest amount of a certain consumable?


With this information readily available, scientists and technicians can more easily spot and act upon trends and bottlenecks, thus improving the workflow and, ultimately, by optimizing certain factors, saving time and money.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. In our announcement about the new Accelrys Process Management and Compliance Suite, you can learn more about the ways our integration with VelQuest technology is helping to accelerate “science to compliance” across industries.

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