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Accelrys’ recent acquisition of Aegis comes at an exciting time for the company, as we continue expanding our portfolio of scientific innovation lifecycle management software into downstream development, quality and manufacturing. As many of you know, we expanded into early manufacturing in 2012 with the purchase of Velquest. As a result of that acquisition, we released last month the Accelrys Process Management and Compliance Suite, an integrated suite of software for enhancing product and process insight, facilitating collaboration and streamlining product development from research through late-stage quality control and manufacturing.


Aegis’ software will be added to the suite, giving quality and manufacturing organizations the ability to access, aggregate, contextualize and analyze manufacturing, quality and product development data. In other words, they’ll be able to gain predictive control of their processes. We know this is critically important to our customers.


Aegis also plays a key role as the development of biologics continues to grow in pharmaceutical drug portfolios. For biologics manufacturers, process understanding ensures predictable product outcomes, something that has been difficult to achieve with large molecule development and manufacturing. 


On a daily basis – whether from big pharma or biotech, consumer goods or chemicals companies – we hear of our customers’ struggles not just to visualize information but to understand what’s happening with their processes throughout the product development lifecycle. This is especially true in the context of externalization. Today’s science-driven organizations manage and collaborate with multiple partners scattered across all corners of the world. Without insight into their operations and a true understanding of their processes throughout the scientific innovation lifecyle, these organizations are often flying blind. As a result, cycle times are delayed, product quality is threatened, and margins are squeezed.


We believe that a holistic approach to product development - from lab to commercialization – is imperative. It’s a business issue, a global competitiveness issue, an innovation issue. The addition of Aegis’ top-notch team and industry-leading enterprise process intelligence capabilities give Accelrys – and our customers – an important new tool for managing the scientific innovation lifecycle and solving today’s common, costly and complex business challenges.

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