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January 6, 2010

Materials Studio Webinar Series Part V: Exploring New Fuel Cell Materials


There is increasing pressure to deliver lighter, more efficient and less expensive materials more frequently and faster than ever before. Fortunately, the integration of Materials Studio applications such as CASTEP and the Pipeline Pilot platform opens a range of possibilities for the discovery of new materials.


The experts at Accelrys have developed a new framework that screens complex systems and properties across numerous materials and applications. This system is currently being applied to fuel cell catalysts to find alternatives to costly materials such as platinum. Dr. Jacob Gavartin and Dr. Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood will discuss this approach and its application in detail during next week’s webinar:


Exploring New Fuel Cell Materials: High Throughput Calculations and Data Analysis with Materials Studio 5.0 and Pipeline Pilot
January 13, 8am PST / 4pm GMT


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