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Today Accelrys announced the availability of two new, free mobile apps in the Apple App Store. The apps make it easier to deploy tasks to mobile devices and collaborate on projects—and they come from the same place you get your favorite music and the latest version of Angry Birds. What could be easier?


A couple of months ago Accelrys launched ScienceCloud, an innovative, cloud-based information management and collaboration workspace that brings globally networked drug researchers together. Mobile, social media-like communication and collaboration are key features of ScienceCloud. Now these capabilities are in the App Store and ready for download.


ScienceCloud Tasks lets you use the Accelrys Pipeline Pilot protocol authoring application and the Pipeline Pilot Mobile Collection to build and test scientific protocols (tasks) and deploy them to mobile-enabled scientists across your team. The protocols can be written and deployed either in ScienceCloud or through an on-prem server. If you’re a Pipeline Pilot author, you can leverage mobile input services such as image capture, speech recognition, location capture and barcode reading in the protocols you create. You can deploy specific tasks to specific user audiences and optimize charts and graphs for display on different devices. Your mobile-enabled team members can then run specific tasks supporting scientific workflows (e.g., uploading images to an electronic lab notebook, scanning barcodes, performing chemical searches, etc.). Everyone on the team can instantly view status reports and project dashboards, while also quickly and easily sharing results and ideas with other mobile users.


ScienceCloud Projects lets project teams access information using mobile devices and communicate and collaborate more effectively in the ScienceCloud workspace or an on-prem system. You can access, search and share project data anywhere and anytime, view project status and communicate results, post and read project-related, Twitter-like updates, receive instant notifications of new information and engage with external partners using your phone.


Additional mobile apps will become available to support further scientific workflows. How would you like to “mobilize” your project team today?    


To learn more about ScienceCloud mobile enablement, register for the complimentary webinar entitled “Research Collaboration Going Mobile,” scheduled for Tuesday, May 6, 2014, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDT.


If you are at BioIT World in Boston (April 29-May 1), you can also attend the presentation by Accelrys CTO Matt Hahn entitled “Accelrys ScienceCloud: A Hosted Strategy for Collaborative R&D.” His talk will be on Wednesday, April 30 at 2:55 pm (Collaborations and Open Access Innovations Track 11).

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As you have probably heard, Accelrys launched our first dedicated mobile app for lab informatics. This marks a pivotal event for Accelrys in that it shows we understand the pressure for labs to do more with fewer resources, and that technicians need compliant mobile applications to help increase productivity and flexibility to meet increasing demands.


What you may not necessarily know, is that Accelrys invented the mobile lab and has been leading the charge on leveraging mobile technology to increase productivity. For more than ten years, Accelrys has provided customers with the benefits of a compliant-ready mobile application for laboratory execution and electronic batch records, holding patents which ensure integrity and compliance of the recorded data.


Pittcon2014 provided a great opportunity to share these new developments around our mobile initiatives and we received extensive press coverage that we expect to see hitting the newsstands next month. We were also able to discuss the future of mobile lab operations involving new and innovative ideas around Google Glass and the Leap Motion Controller to name a few.


Click here to read about our ongoing corporate mobile initiatives, and specifically learn more about Accelrys Capture, the new Mobile Data Recording App for Lab Informatics that helps take the lab into your hands!


I encourage you to share a bit about mobile technologies in your lab. Are you ready to take the leap?

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Another great Labinformatics event in the books! Accelrys was proud to help sponsor the industry’s leading event on Labinformatics and we had many contributions to the program:


We hosted two roundtable discussions about "SHERPA ̶ A New Sanofi-Aventis R&D Service to Support Drug Discovery Data Exchange with External Partners." One of our customers, Marie-Pierre Fialon from Sanofi-Aventis, described Sanofi's Share Drug Discovery Data with External Partners (SHERPA) service. Also, Fred Bost, Director Product Management of Accelrys, provided additional detail on Accelrys' externalized collaboration initiative supporting the SHERPA service and discussed its recent evolution into ScienceCloud by Accelrys.


Dr. Toine Overbeeke, Head of Quality Control at Holopack, talked in his presentation "Key Factors to Look for in an Environmental Monitoring System" about the questions Holopack asked in the course of evaluating a new laboratory Environmental Monitoring system and that they decided for Accelrys because of our great fit into their Labinformatics strategy. He also shared his experience about the implementation of the system.


Originally, I wanted to present together with Ken Rapp and talk about our exciting mobile initiatives. Both of us have been contributing to SmartLab since the very beginning (at that point in time as competitors!) so it would have been great to have a joint presentation. But unfortunately Ken could not make it to the conference as he has a “mobile issue” getting his hip replaced. So I gave the presentation "Considerations for Mobile Initiatives from Research to Manufacturing" alone. I included the “Why and Where Mobile?”, the capabilities that are relevant for the different domains and customer use cases and input/feedback. It was well received and there were questions around mobile devices, voice recognition and the usage of stylus for mobile devices. We did also get some good input for future development.


I also joined some round table discussions for Mobile and it was very interesting to see that the adoption of mobile is very heterogeneous in the industry. Some companies are very advanced and are already trying Google glasses while others don’t even have LIMS or ELN implemented… I think we could all learn from each other and like always it was great fun and very beneficial to be at SmartLab.

At the evening of the first day, we took customers out for dinner - to the Olympic tower! The food was nice and the view was beautiful. At the windows were drawings of some landmarks and it felt similar to the “augmented reality” that we had discussed in the context of using Google glasses!


The customers I talked to were also very positive about the event. They liked the networking with peers and vendors, learning what’s new and the variety of presentations.


We hope you can join us next year!

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As a newcomer to the Accelrys product marketing team, I've spent a great deal of time over the past few months learning more about our products and how customers use them. I noticed after going through this exercise that my “studies” kept going back to our Accelrys Notebook product. Why is that? Well, it's simple. Literally! Accelrys Notebook is a simple, easy to use product that even a newbie like me can understand its importance in transitioning to a digital laboratory.


But there's another reason that I found myself spending time digging into Notebook. That simplicity message resonates with our customers, and that response is what drives the growth of our product. Customer surveys and interviews have shown me that customers really value how simple it is to use Accelrys Notebook. Users and IT managers tell us that the product's ease of use and simple user interface quickly break down barriers for their lab people to use. This leads to faster adoption for companies that have a competitive need to move their laboratory out of paper notebooks and in to a digital, paperless world. Faster adoption means that companies can quickly expand Notebook to more people and more sites for their global operations, while avoiding headaches for the people who set up and manage their company's IT infrastructure. This helps the business in so many ways, as digital labs can save time sharing and searching for information that used to be stored on paper and searched by hand. It also helps in speeding up the product development process, as sharing, collaboration and digital signatures for lab work all lead to faster patent processes that are necessitated by recent US legislation.


So, "simple" and "easy to use" sounds great. But we are seeing that these words have real meaning for our customers. Faster adoption and faster deployment means real time and money saved by our customers. Below are some of the quotes we’ve received in surveys from customers who are using our product:


-“It used to take me 20 minutes to prepare my paper notebook and now it takes me 2 seconds…literally.”

-“I cannot overstate how impressed I am with this ELN product…it is reducing my documentation time by 75% or more.”

-“It used to take me 2 hours to write, print and sign every piece of paper just for one page I can now complete the whole experiment in 7 minutes!”


Customers are seeing real value to using Accelrys Notebook. And that value grows as companies quickly deploy our product to more users and more of their global sites. We have helped companies roll out Notebook from a pilot project to hundreds of users within just 2 months. The simplicity of the product and the ease of which it can be installed and quickly expanded ensure that all areas of a business – users, IT managers and business decision makers – can quickly see the value of Accelrys Notebook in their organizations.




With our latest Accelrys Notebook 5.0 software release, we've added powerful new capabilities with the integration into our Accelrys Enterprise Platform and Pipeline Pilot. So users can now pull experiment data from other sources - LIMS, instruments, Excel, other scientific tools, even inventory management - while working directly from the Accelrys Notebook. This makes the digital lab more powerful and has the potential to save additional time for labs that typically have to spend time searching through paper notebooks for old experimental data, or duplicate efforts because their existing data management systems are not compatible.


But the best part of this message is that even though we've made Notebook even more powerful, we've kept the cornerstone of our product - simple, easy to use interface - intact. We want people to be more productive with Notebook, and we want them to tap into the power of our Accelrys Enterprise Platform. But we won't sacrifice ease of use, Because we know that is what drives further usage and adoption, and keeps our customers happy.


If you'd like to learn more about Accelrys Notebook, click the link and you'll find case studies and webinars from companies who have experienced the value of moving to a digital lab through Accelrys Notebook. These resources will show how Notebook can help your company's product development efforts.


Also, we have an upcoming webinar on March 6 that provides the basics on Accelrys Notebook. Clink on the link and you will find more information and a path to register for our session entitled, “Accelrys Notebook 5.0 Helps Science-Driven Organizations Transition to Digital Labs.” I think you'll learn what I've learned: Accelrys Notebook is a powerful, yet easy-to-use electronic lab notebook that will save you time, money and reduce the pain of transitioning to a paperless lab.

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Today Accelrys announces the launch of ScienceCloud. I have not been this excited about a product launch in years -- fifteen years to be exact!  Back then, life science research was struggling with large volumes of disparate scientific data and no way to automate its access, processing and analysis. Our response was the industry changing software, Pipeline Pilot.   Fifteen years later, we are introducing what I believe will be another game changer: ScienceCloud.


Today the life science industry is in the midst of significant change, leading to even greater challenges. Biopharma is radically reinventing itself by embracing globalization, looking for innovation from outside partners, and focusing on operational excellence (read: cost pressure). Externalized collaborative research is transforming drug discovery. Organizations are expanding relationships beyond traditional boundaries and creating flexible networks of researchers―some in-house, others with industry and academic partners and contract research organizations (CROs).


These networks are increasing in size and complexity, combining numerous partners with diverse project objectives. Externalized drug discovery introduces substantial data and project management challenges. How do you secure the IP of different parties and enable networked partners to share project data in real time? How do you ensure that each team member can only access what he/she is authorized to see? How do you quickly spin up and down dynamic collaborations in today’s fast-changing project landscape? How do you keep team members informed of the progress each partner is making?


ScienceCloud was created to address these challenges. It is an innovative, cloud-based information management and collaboration workspace designed to support globally networked drug R&D. A cloud-based solution provides business agility that’s simply not possible with on-premises and IT-supported infrastructure. You can stand up a project partnership with minimal IT support quickly and easily. You can expose, via the web, those applications needed by particular partners to participate in specific scientific workflows. Finally, the cloud promises to reduce the overall cost of software usage, just as it has in other major industries.


ScienceCloud provides an integrated suite of project-centered applications which are available to all team members wherever they are, at any time. ScienceCloud leverages social communication to connect teams―empowering researchers to capture and search user and application feeds, post from internal/external systems and share crowd knowledge.


With the flexible, multi-disciplinary Notebook, you can capture, access and share experimental information. Pipeline Pilot is also in ScienceCloud, making it possible for you to create and manage scientific protocols and implement standard business rules for partners. You can integrate on-premise systems with ScienceCloud’s web APIs so that data is exchanged easily between on-premise and the cloud, facilitating staged migration to the cloud. ScienceCloud is mobile enabled, and lets you easily define and share mobile tasks across your team. ScienceCloud Exchange is a web portal, similar to an App Store, where you can publish and share Pipeline Pilot protocols useful to the research community.  And, these are just some of the first ScienceCloud capabilities - more are in store.


I think this all adds up to an exciting next 15 years! Join us again.


To learn more about ScienceCloud, please visit You can also register for the complimentary webinar entitled “ScienceCloud, a cloud solution for externalized, collaborative R&D,” scheduled for Tuesday, February 18, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PST.

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